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Urgent Letter From Bedros Keuilian

A wise businessman once told me something I'll never forget...

He looked me in the eyes and said, "Listen closely because there's only two things you need to know... "It all starts with adding massive value to the lives of the customers you serve and being the best at generating leads."

That little nugget of gold has been the focal point of my business for years now.

It's helped me build up a multiple 7-figure business that makes me money while I sleep and allows me to take trips with my family whenever I feel like it. In fact we just got back from Malibu last week -- you have to eat at "Inn at the seventh ray", hands down THE best restaurant in all of Malibu.

Now, I'm going to assume you got into personal training for the same reasons I did – to help people get in better shape, lose fat, and give them a better quality of life.

People like you and I come factory installed with the desire to add massive value. So I'm going to assume that you, just like me, are all about over delivering value. Which leaves us with one other important step to grow your fitness business to massive success...

...and make no mistake about it -- it's ALL about the leads.

The more leads you have, the faster your business grows... And the more clients you'll reach and money you'll make.

Pretty simple, right?

But There's ONE Thing Almost ALL Fitness Trainers Get WRONG
With This...

They ignore the quality of the lead. Let me give you an example..

If you were to go to your local Chamber of Commerce and give all those people in the audience a presentation on your fat-loss methods and workouts and then at the end, offer them some great deal to try out your local boot camp or training program you'd probably get some people to sign up, right?


But answer this: If you were to give that same speech and make that same offer at a health conference at your local Whole Foods market, don't you think darn near everyone there would want to sign up and try out your boot camp?

Of course they would!

And here's why: It's because those leads at the Whole Foods speech were highly-qualified leads. They we're HIGHY targeted.

By going to that speech, every single person there had already shown they were really into health and fitness and wanted to learn more -- these are the BEST leads in the world, people who are already seeking you and your information out (and these are the people that always pay you the most money too..).

On the flip side, those people at the Chamber of Commerce speech weren't looking for fat-loss or fitness info -- they're just normal people who like business-stuff. They weren't nearly as qualified (or eager to buy) as your Whole Foods sign-ups!

If You Could "Crack" This Code, The Money Would Be Endless, right?

Imagine... If you could just get piles and piles of qualified people coming to you, searching for exactly what you're offering, they're going to jump in your funnel and pay you top dollar for the great training services you already offer.

Imagine ONLY getting the best leads out there, the ones who are actively searching for you – and right now you're not coming up on their radar .

In the marketing world, these leads are called your "low-hanging fruit" (because you don't have to try or anything to get them -- they're just right there for your taking).

And every smart business owner knows you always take care of your low-hanging fruit first.

Like I said, these are your best clients because they are actively seeking out your services, they want results and are willing to work hard, and they'll pay top dollar.

So Where Are These People? Where is YOUR Low-Hanging Fruit?

Simple.. They're on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

They're sitting in front of their computer, feeling fat and out of shape, just aching to find a solution to their belly fat and daily battles with fatigue.

They're typing in terms like "Atlanta personal trainer" or "Miami fitness boot camp" (depending on where they live) and the minute they find that person at the top of "Page One" on Google calling out to them, "I'm right here and I've got your answers!", they'll be ecstatic to pull out their credit card and simply hand it over, in exchange for your personal training services.

See... Because their problem is so frustrating for them and they're investing their own time seeking out a solution, by the time they find your website on Google, there's almost no selling for you to do. They've already sold themselves... They just want in with you and they want to start now.

And that right there my friend is the natural beauty of the "low-hanging fruit": reaching your highest-quality leads AUTOMATICALLY.

So long as your website is there, sitting pretty on the top of "Page One" on Google and perfectly positioned on the google local map as well. And anytime someone searches out "YOUR CITY personal training" your website's going to pop up and get that lead, day or night, weekends and holidays...'s the perfect lead generation machine because over 75% of the population now searches for local solutions online.

So Bedros, How Do I Do That? How Do I Make My Website Rank High On Google For Every Search Term I Want?

Simple.. It's called SEO, or "Search Engine Optimization".

It's the process where you "optimize" your website for major search engines like Google and Yahoo, in order to rank for all the different "search terms" your most qualified leads are typing in.

Now the problem with normal SEO is that it can be extremely complicated, especially if you're not a "techie" person.. Or if you're a trainer who doesn't want to have to spends hours stuck behind your computer screen doing tedious, time-sucking tasks when you should be doing what you love: motivating and training your clients..

And if you're anything like any of my 15K Mastermind clients and have tried your hand at SEO in the past, you know just how frustrating it can be.

This WEIRD Vegas Story Will Answer Your Questions..

See, recently at one of my "closed-doors" Mastermind meetings at an undisclosed location in Las Vegas, all of my Mastermind clients were telling me the same thing: SEO just kinda sucked for them.

They knew how big and profitable it could be for them if they could just "figure it out" (most of these trainers were already doing high 6-figures and some even 7-figures and they still tried everything they could with SEO -- that's how crucial it is..) ..but it was proving to be a much more difficult task than expected.

As they tried to "crack the SEO code", here's what they found (tell me if any of these sound familiar to you too):

Every Trainer's 3 Biggest Issues With "Normal" SEO:

Normal SEO was incredibly complicated and every resource they read just confused them even more (do you even want to know what the heck a "latent semantic indexing" is? lol!)

It was painstakingly boring to sit there and have to do all these tedious "techie tasks" for hours on end (especially when it was taking them away from their true passion: being there in the trenches, training and transforming their clients lives...)

These trainers were beyond frustrated, not knowing if all of this hard-work they were doing was even working... Was their website ever going to show up at the top of "Page One" on Google, or was it going to be hidden in the "Bermuda Triangle of the Internet" forever?

I can still remember one of Mastermind clients talking to me after a long day of masterminding, telling me about his SEO problems...

Now, this is a guy who runs a 7-Figure gym and is just a total rock-star when it comes to his fitness business, but as he confided his ongoing SEO issues with me, his eyes were literally glazed over, his spirit broken...

He had simply tried it all, spending thousands of dollars on consulting and "$2,000 Guru SEO Programs" but no matter what he did, his website didn't show up on Google where he wanted it to (and in turn, he wasn't getting any of that "low-hanging fruit" that he knew would make him hundreds of thousands of dollars more in revenue if he could just get his website to show up there!).

I decided right then and there I was going to find the solution for him and all of the thousands of trainers worldwide who also knew how big it'd be for them if they could just make their website rank all over Google, but just couldn't get it to happen...

... after all, I was one of them. At one point I was so frustrated with trying to figure out SEO, buying every crap product on the market, and hiring every so called SEO guru that I just picked up the phone and started calling every big name internet marketer I knew until I got this BIG break.

How I Cracked The "SEO Code"
In Just Weeks...

I went out and found the best SEO experts money could buy and I hired them for myself and I put them right to work for my own websites... And these guys just crushed it for me!

Just check out the ranking on some my sites... and these are for my most competitive keywords, too.

Like I said, I went out and found the best SEO dudes ever – they're down to earth, speak in non-tech talk (so I can actually understand them), and they keep the entire things simple for me to understand.

They had a darn near "push-button" system where all I had to do was pay them an handsome monthly fee and within weeks, I was showing up on "Page One" of Google for all kinds of search terms, most of them time in the very number one spot (can you imagine how great that would be for your business if I turned you onto the SAME tactics they use to blast my site up to the top of the search engines?)

With the proof in front of me, I had seen enough. These "SEO tech-geeks" (hah!) had a proven system that ANYONE could use to quickly and easily get their website to the top of "Page One" in no time, bringing them tons of new, qualified, "ready to buy" leads – just like my sites above.

So between me and these SEO wizards, we decided to put their entire cutting-edge system in a brand-new program anyone could use, but it had to be done in 4 ways:

It had to be incredibly simple (without losing any of its effectiveness) so even if you know nothing about SEO, you can take it and be using it to start getting your website to the top of 'Page One" within a couple hours..

It had to be PUSH-BUTTON for you! had to be set-up so that you could simply hand it off to your assistant, have them go through it in a couple hours and then, just with the pushing of a few buttons, sit back and watch your website sit proudly at the top of Google, Yahoo and every other major search engine (bringing you never-ending amounts of new and "happy-to-pay" clients!)

It had to WORK just as well and just as fast as it did for me.

And finally it had to pass my 5% rule test. Basically, if you know anything about me, you know that I outsource 95% of what gets done in my business to others (like my four assistances, web team, SEO guys, and programmers) and I just focus on my 5%, the critical few things like creating awesome products and services and marketing them. EVERYTHING ELSE I OUTSOURCE. So I wanted this system to be outsource-able for you so you can pass it on to your assistant if you don't want to do it yourself and have them follow the easy follow along program.

With those 4 things in mind every step of the way, me and my SEO wizards worked tirelessly for the last few months creating this... The last (and only) SEO resource you'll ever need to get your fitness website or blog to the top of google for ALL your keywords.

The Fitness SEO Dominator!

Module 1: Search Engine Optimization

The grand-daddy of 'em all, in this module you'll learn everything you'll ever need to know about dominating the search engines and doing it as fast as humanly possible. With 15 different videos in this training module, you'll learn the real "tricks of the trade", from keyword research and Web 2.0 Properties to article marketing (the right way that Google loves) and the ever-powerful, but largely misunderstood strategy known only as "link wheels".

This is the "secret sauce" that makes dominating the search engines easier than ever before, without any of the confusion or "techie jargon"

Module 2: Google Places

When people find you on Google, are they going to like what they see? Are they going to find review after review written about you, each one more glowing and convincing than the next? You'd better hope so, because learning to dominate (and even sorta "manipulate") the entire Google Places sector is of the utmost importance for you and your fitness business! And while most trainers are going about Google Places all wrong (and it shows when you Google them!), you're going to learn the truth about Google Places and how to make them your most-powerful and highest-converting lead generation tool of all!

With 10 different video in this training module, you'll learn:

  • Exactly what Google Places is (and more importantly, what it's not!)
  • How to set up your Google Places listing..
  • How to immediately get set up with Bing and Yahoo maps too in just minutes..
  • How to create coupons in Google Places (these are going to be HUGE for your business..)
  • The secret behind using the "Internet Yellow Pages", data providers and other, totally untapped review sites..
  • The definite guide to everything "citations" (from start to dominate)
  • And how to get the best reviews possible (this method is so sneaky and obvious you'll be wondering why you haven't been using (and loving) it all along!)..

I've never formally taught or shared any of this information before, but you and your business are going to love the automated results it consistently sends your way!

Module 3: Google AdWords

Sure, this might be a "do everything", SEO program, but we figured while we're at it, why not include everything you'll ever need to know about SEO's best- and largely misunderstood friend, Google AdWords!

I've heard all the stories about trainers who set up AdWords campaigns and the follow-up funnel, only to find a couple weeks later, they've blown several thousand dollars paying for traffic that didn't convert for them!

What's even worse about it, these huge financial losses could have been entirely avoided if they had just known exactly what we reveal here in the Google AdWords section of SEO Dominator.

With eleven, step-by-step videos here in this training module, you'll discover:

  • What should be the true focus behind every Google AdWords campaign (and how not focusing on this will lose you money, day after day, guaranteed..)
  • How to set up your Google AdWords account..
  • How to set up your first Google AdWords campaign..
  • How to research your targeting keywords (and how to break them down into "different" categories, based on the psychology and numbers of each and every keyword -- this is the real secret behind profitable campaigns..)
  • How to write the copy in your Ads for maximum click-throughs and conversions (we've tested every formula possible and this one is the glowing winner, time after time!)
  • The secrets behind split-testing your ads for instant ROI and long-term, consistent results..
  • The truth about "Quality Score" and how to guarantee it's never an issue in your campaign (don't do this and your "profit potential" goes down considerably..)
  • How to easily track conversions from your ads (using this one easy method, anyone can track conversions -- even a complete "techie" dunce like me!)
  • Everything you'll ever need to know about "Budgeting" and "Bidding" in your campaign (this is how you minimize your costs and maximize your profits..)

Like I said, even though is clearly the "definitive guide to SEO for all fitness trainers", we hope you don't mind us teaching you everything you'll ever need to know about Google AdWords too :-)

BONUS Number One:
The SEO Dominator Resource Section

In this bonus area of the SEO Dominator training course, you'll find our complete guide to every important SEO and AdWord resource available to you on the Internet today.

Included are:

  • The top Review Sites
  • The top Data Sites
  • The top Internet Yellow Pages
  • A complete list of all the Article Directories you need to be aware of
  • Your OnPage SEO Checklist (this might be worth the cost of the entire course right here..)
  • The top Social Bookmarking Sites
  • The top Web 2.0 Properties

Plus, a Sample Keyword Spreadsheet that'll show you how to easily and conveniently keep track of your keywords and campaigns!

BONUS Number Two:
The SEO Coffeshop Online Forum

OK, I know, there's not going to be any coffee, but you're going to love this..

When you order the Fitness SEO Dominator today, you'll also gain Lifetime Access to Fitness SEO Dominator and the "SEO Coffeeshop", a special online forum within Fitness SEO Dominator where our resident "SEO techie geniuses" AKA: the dude that got and keeps my sites on top will be hanging out daily, to answer all of your questions, update you with the latest and greatest traffic-getting strategies and tactics and review your current SEO standings (as well as help individually map out your own personal path to easy and fast SEO domination.

And get this: While most other "gurus" out there might try and sneak some monthly fee by you for this continued access to the best SEO experts in the world, I have nothing to sneak by you...that's because you'll find NO MONTHLY FEES with this bonus!

No continuity, no recurring fees, nothing...this continued access to Fitness SEO Dominator and access to our "SEO Coffeeshop" is just a free gift from me to you, to thank you for your trust in me and my programs -- I know you're going to love the consistent support and guidance you'll find every day at the "SEO Coffeeshop".

So imagine this... each time we come across a new SEO tactic or system that works we'll simple upload the step by step tutorial videos into Fitness SEO Dominator and give you access to them.

Pretty cool, huh? :)

Here's What Some Recent Fitness SEO Dominator Customers Had To Say About Their Personal Experience With The Breakthrough System..

"Thanks To Bedros, My Site Consistently Ranks NUMBER ONE In My Area For Everything!

This system rocks! SEO is the last thing I want to have to think about as a fitness business owner. However, in today's world if you're not paying attention to SEO, you may as well not have a website. Thanks to just a few of the simple to implement techniques I learned from Bedros, my website consistently ranks number one in Google searches for boot camps in my target market. As a result I get 75% of my leads from the web without spending a dime on advertising. Watch the videos, follow the steps, and watch the magic happen. Small investment for a massive return."

John Quinn

"On The Top Of "Page One" In 3 Days For TWO Keywords!

"Bedros, three days ago I set up the local listing dominator that I learn in your Fitness SEO Dominator program and this morning I noticed that my boot camp site is ranking in the number one and two spot for both my main key words. THANK YOU! What I like most about Fitness SEO Dominator is that the information in it is easy, direct, and step-by-step which really made it easy for me to hand off to my assistant and let her do all the SEO tactics to get my boot camp site to rank at the top of the search engines. "

Shawna Kaminski

"Took ALL The Mystery Out Of SEO And Made It My Best-Friend!"

The Fitness SEO Dominator is an amazing tool. It takes the mystery of search engine optimization and walks you through an easy to follow step by step process that even non-techy people (like me!) can understand. No business should run without understanding and implementing these basic steps that will boost your search ratings."

Robin Robertson

"All You'll Ever Need To Get To The Top of The Search Engines"

"Outstanding done-for-you SEO program. Everything you need to know about SEO, all under one roof. This is the simplest, actionable program you will ever need to get your site to the top of the search engines. Good stuff Bedros!"

Nitin Chhoda

"Did Almost Nothing And My Site's Already Climbing"

I just got done implementing Bedros' new product, SEO Dominator, and it all I can say is that it's AWESOME! I'm pretty good at SEO as it is, but there was also a lot in SEO Dominator that I didn't know. I JUST started applying what I learned, and my site ranking has already gone up! I was able to put a lot of information into a checklist and send it over to my web guy, and he's already on it and cranking it out.

This product is awesome, the price point is killer, and my site rank is climbing as we speak! Good job, Bedros, you nailed it with this one, it's a great product! My new site was on page 30 something (which means why bother having a website!) 2 days and I'm already on page 2 baby! SEO Domination? I'd say emphatically yes!"

Devin Burns

"I've Only Been Through 10% Of "FSD" And The Phones Already Won't Stop Ringing!"

After watching the Bedros' SEO videos I applied approximately 10% of the information and amazingly 10% of these tactics made a huge difference. In the last two weeks I have been getting phone calls from individuals who have been searching the web for personal trainers in our town. This is amazing since 100% of my clients are from referrals.

Thanks Bedros,

Joe Howard

PS - I can not wait to apply the other 90% of the SEO Tactics you shared.

Joe Howard

"Praying None Of My Competition Find This.."

"I've often thought of myself as being pretty good at SEO, and have always been able to make my sites rank well for my key words. Still, this course has shown me a whole new level of information that has made me even more of an expert.

My competition hated me before; they are going to hate me even more now. I hope none of them buys this. This course covers everything, and manages to make it easy. It's like taking rocket science and black magic and distilling it down to the alphabet. Just do A, then B, C, D, etc. Simple. "

Clint Phillips

"This Will Teach You Everything."

I tried out the SEO Dominator and dude this product is seriously amazing. If you are sat their reading this and are wondering how to stop sitting on low SEO rankings wondering how to come up a little through months of trial and improvement, if you have rubbish sleep or get upset when you search for your business and envy the competition the you are going to do only one of 2 things

Either: carry on losing sleep because your not on top of google OR take action, stop hesitating and get this product because chap, there is no simpler solution than SEO Dominator to get people clicking to YOUR site rather than your competitors... hey and imagine this, the tables have turned, instead of you having sleepless nights, they will get the nightmares while you sit happily DOMINATING SEO.

This product is so easy to use that a child could out rank some people after using this product.
The videos are step by step without jargon and literally spoon fed to you. You don't need to waste time with trial and improvement and learning code and all that nerdy stuff... SEO Dominator will teach you EVERYTHING.

There is a saying that you can take a donkey to water but you can't make it drink...

If you simply don't take action and Dominate SEO be ready for more sleepless nights because the other person will beat you to it, for sure!"

Jiten Nandha

A No-Brainer For Anyone Who Doesn't Want To Speak "Techie"

Fitness SEO Generator sums up SEO in a unique way never seen before. With screen shots, simple audio explanations and downloads to refer back to, this is the easiest and quickest way to learn optimization and improve page rankings for your business...if you are so inclined. For the rest of us that don't speak the language and don't necessarily care to, just hand the downloads off to your web designer while you get back to doing what comes natural. This one is a no brainer for SEO fanatics and the rest of us that don't speak "tech".

Rochelle Gravance

"SEO Dominator Just Gets You FOUND."

The SEO Dominator gets you found. You want to grow your business you need to use today's most effective tools: Internet marketing, having a Goggle presence, becoming a local expert, you name it this program provides it! Don' t think about this one, it's a must!

JR Burgess

"Took Me From 150 Hits A Month To 615!"

Wow! Bedros, you over delivered again!! The Fitness SEO Dominator
is well put together. I think this is my favorite product of Bedros'

Everything is step by step and easy to follow along. I went from
averaging 127 to 150 hits a month and now I checked last night
and there has been 615 hits to my website!!"

Brandon Roggow

"I Can't Believe I Used To Think SEO Was Hard...This Is Easy!

"Wow, I've been bamboozled! someone had me thinking SEO was hard, complex, and too difficult to understand. The SEO Dominator breaks it down and makes it absolutely easy to understand. I would recommend this product to anyone. I like knowing enough about a subject to be able to ask intelligent questions of the people I hire to do the job for me......Even if I don't do any of my own SEO going forward, I now know everything that needs to be done and can manage it properly. Once again, Bedros comes through with a winner!! GET THIS PRODUCT!!!!!"

Misty Robinson

"You Need To Try This Today.."

Love the SEO Product! SEO was one of my worst fear and now I am more knowledgeable and self aware of what to do for Search Engine Optimization.

The Fitness SEO Dominator has been a great asset for me and the Fit Body Bootcamp in Culver City. I learned important things about Search Engine Optimization and have been and will continue to make changes to my website to make sure that it places higher in the google search engine. I also signed up to secure my business its Google Places listing. I'm excited to see the results of that, but am currently waiting for them to send me the verification card. Google adwords used to be a challenge for me and now that I have a better understanding of it, I am getting clicks on a daily basis.

I have increased my client roster from 50 to 60 people and I know they will keep coming as I used the tools that the Fitness SEO dominator provided me! This is a GREAT tool for any fitness professional looking to grow their online marketing program. Let's face it. People spend so much of their day online, learning about the best practices and ways to improve the number of hits your website gets is extremely important in today's market. I would recommend this tool to anyone with a fitness bootcamp/gym/personal training website.

Irma Sandoval

"I Love Being On TOP Of Every Search.."

"LOVE the SEO Dominator! Every component was packed full of information, and it was EASY to understand and implement. Bedros has done it again. Identified what fitness professionals need to have a website that gets them to the top of search engines, and dominate their local market. Thank you, Bedros! I love being on the top of every search!"

Jana Holland

"So Clear-Cut And Covers EVERYTHING"

SEO Dominator is an awesome info-product that gives you a step-by-step blueprint on getting leads from the internet. What I love most is that it's clear-cut, and it covers EVERYTHING you'll need to dominate your area. Go through it, apply it, and you'll start getting the 'right' type of prospects into your training program (the ones that are 'in heat' and are likely to pay-in-full, if you know what I mean). Really, for whatever this program costs - it's worth 500x the investment as you'll not only learn how to get on top of the search engines, you'll also dominate YouTube, Google Places, Pay-per-click ads - and way much more to mention on here. I highly recommend getting on board with this!"

Michael Duivis

"Was So Easy To Learn From.."

"I am not the most computer savvy person at all, so for me to understand the SEO dominator series says a lot! I was unclear as to what an SEO even was so after getting through this tutorial, I have a much better understanding of it all. As I launch my new website and my new blog addition, this was perfect and so helpful to me. It will be one of the many great tools I will be implementing as my business starts to expand and take off even more! I never even realized how many great marketing techniques are actually out there! The speaker was very clear, concise and methodical in explaining step by step about how to get the most of your website, with SEO's, blogs, etc. Being a visual learner the images,and videos were so helpful. I learned so much after each tutorial and am confident my business will grow and improve even more because of these great tools, not only so helpful but very eye opening! Thanks so much!"

Maria Crompton

"You Must Have An Online Presence, And This Product Does It For You!"

Once again Bedros makes an amazing product! This SEO dominator is so detailed, yet simple and easy to understand. He tells you exactly how to do EVERYTHING to get yourself dominating the internet with SEO in your market. You must have an online presence and come up when people are searching for your service and if you need help getting more traffic, this product DOES it! And the price is awesome!"

Samantha Taylor

"The Perfect Solution To Get In Front Of My Prospects.."

"Hi Bedros: Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks for creating such an awesome product with The product is very easy to follow along and has already shown me some ways that I can better position myself online to reach as many as possible. Because the truth is that the best fitness product in the world is useless unless you are able to position that in front of the right people. You have just provided me with a great solution to get in front of the right people for my products."

Chris Collins

"I'm Already Almost At The Top Of Google In One Of The MOST Competitive Areas Around.."

Before using the SEO Dominator, my webpage ranked on about page 1 million. Even for my business name I was at the bottom of the page! Since then, I started incorporating some of the stuff from the SEO Dominator and have already had a huge improvement in ranking. I am now the first few pages when my business name is googled and I'm already on the second page of google for the keywords I want! I can't wait to get to the first page of Google! Oh yeah, and I'm in one of the most competitive areas, San Diego! I would highly recommend the SEO Dominator to anyone who wants to dominate Google!"

Matt Johnson

"Crushing My Local Competition Thanks To Fitness SEO Dominator!"

"Hi this is imran from london, uk.

I have to say the seo dominator is a AWESOME product.  very well presented with easy to follow steps to action.

I have implemented a few strategies and have seen my website on the first page of google for multiple times. just take a look below.

"I am crushing the local competition on the WEB! They are sick and tidy of me! dominating the search engines!"

I thought the SEO STUFF was tough and boring but this product not only explains WHAT to do But WHY you should do it.

once again Bedros has bought out another product which will be a GAME - CHANGER!"

Imran Illali

"It's Just So Simple To Use And See Results From.."

You know what I love about this product the most?  Is that its so simple to use.  Literally, you could hand this over to your admin person, it will take them buy the hand and walk them easily through the different steps that need to be taken in order to dominate your local area.  Or, if you don't have an admin person yet,  you could take an hour here and there during the day to do it yourself.  It could literally change your ranking in Google within a couple days, sometimes within hours, which we all know is very important in this day and time. 

But, especially in the "boot camp world", where it seems everyone and their mother is opening a boot camp because they think its "so easy" to run.  Bedros, you have done it again with this product.  That one little tip that you gave about the ... wheel,  was worth the price alone for the whole program!  Thank you for making it easy for us trainers and boot camp instructors to dominate our area!!!  First page of Google, here I come!

Kevin and Dr. Kristin Harvey

"I Just Wish I Had This Information Years Ago"

Save the Hungry Internet Marketers - DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

If you do it means many would be internet marketers might suddenly starve as this is the most complete walkthrough I've ever seen on how to create the magical moment of pretty much dominating search engine placement anywhere any time. In fact Bedros and his team have likely already been incarcerated by the Google police for releasing their secrets to the public.

But in all seriousness the information contained within SEO Dominator will easily pay for itself 10 fold if you simply allocate a mere 60 minutes a week to improving the function and traffic flow of your website, the information in SEO Dominator is paint-by-number simple to follow. I only wish I had this information years ago."

Cabel McElderry

"You Can't Afford NOT To Have Fitness SEO Dominator On Your Side.."

Most trainers are in some kind of dream world where they think they can just put up a website and clients will magically flock to it. Well that just ain't true. Your website MUST be optimized for the search engines to not only see your site, but rank it in the top positions for your specific key terms. That is where SEO Dominator comes in. It leads you step by step and tell you everything you need to do to get your website bumped to the top of Google and the other search engines. It is a fool proof system for dominating your competition in the search engines in no time flat."

Josh Carter

PLUS.. If You Don't Get The Results Promised, You MUST Get Your Entire Investment Back!

Don't rub your eyes -- that's no typo!

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I didn't mention this earlier, but when I first hired these SEO wizards behind Fitness SEO Dominator, they weren't cheap... Still aren't.

In fact, for what they charging, I could've just gotten a brand-new Aston Martin (and you know how much I love cars).

And they didn't just charge me a "one-time fee" was a monthly fee that I still happily pay today! That's how good their system is...

But you're probably not in the position to pay close to $4000/month for SEO like I do, right? And that's why I made this product, it's for you, the fitness pro who wants to dominate the search engine and get a flood of leads all day long, but doesn't have the cash to fork out $4K each month.

See, today you don't have to pay any monthly fees (even though we'll be updating FSD with brand-new content anytime new SEO tactics and strategies get discovered), nor do you have to fork over a boatload of money like I do.

See, I want to make your decision today as much of a no-brainer as possible -- and the easiest way I know to do that is to offer something of incredible value (like FSD) for just a fraction of its real value, and then back it up with an unconditional 365 day money back guarantee.

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For the brand-new, cutting-edge Fitness SEO Dominator...

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For giving you access (via the SEO Coffee shop forum)

You're only going to pay a fraction of what it's really worth, a one-time fee of just $167 (or our EZ payment option of just 2 payments of $97).

SEO Dominator is not currently available for purchase.

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Think about it...

Once you begin applying the breakthrough (but not confusing!), step-by-step techniques in Fitness SEO Dominator, you'll quickly watch your website rise to the top of "Page One" on Google, You'll see it ranking front and center in the Google local listings, and proudly putting you there for the world to see and more importantly, for all of those struggling people in your area searching your fitness business out.

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If each client is worth just an average of $200/month to you (pretty easy if you've been through my "Close Clients") and you were to get just 3 new clients because you used FSD to jump to the top of Google, you'd have already made back your entire investment today, plus more. And the rest would be "money in the bank" as they say.

And to be totally blunt, I expect that to happen for you in the first 30 days. Imagine how much you're going to get paid back over and over in the next 6 month Or the next year when Fitness SEO Dominator gets you boat loads of new clients each month.

When you know how to get to the top of Google and you know how to stay there, the money never stops coming in (and when you know how to do it in the most non-confusing, fastest-working way possible like in FSD, we just call that "icing on the cake"!).

SEO Dominator is not currently available for purchase.

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Look.. Listen.. You could leave this page today and just go on trying all those other "outdated", confusing, full of flush, high priced SEO resources out there (that weren't made just for personal trainers either, by the way) and who might work for you, it might not (it will most definitely be incredibly time-consuming and exhaustingly tedious though, forcing you to spend hour after hour behind the computer, instead of with your family or hanging out with your close friends..).

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SEO Dominator is not currently available for purchase.

I can't wait to hear about your results (and maybe even post it to my Facebook Page for the world to see!).

All the best.

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. Fitness SEO Dominator is the least-confusing, fastest-working system to get tons and tons of highly-qualified, brand-new leads to come to your website and join your funnel. Plus you'll also be backed my 100% 12-Month Money-Back Guarantee (the risk here today is entirely on me, and I won't let you down).

SEO Dominator is not currently available for purchase.

P.P.S. Now, if at this point you're still wondering what the big sneaky catch is. Like if you're thinking that I'm going to try to up sell you on a bigger program, or offer you other products and services – I hate to disappoint you, but you're wrong. There's no "one time" up sell offers or "one click" add-on products or services. Just an awesome product that has given me and my mastermind coaching clients a huge boost in business that I want to pass along for a REALLY fair price to our fitness community, because I know it will help you out too.

Fitness SEO Dominator is a password protected digital information product. We've gone green. No physical product will be shipped.